A piece of S/S15…




I’m finally sick of the cold, bored of jumpers and done with the winter sales. Like many other bloggers I’m finding myself stuck in the middle of seasons, the weather still isn’t on our side but the displays in our favourite shops are screaming ‘buy a piece of S/S15’
I bought my first item in the form of a long sleeved top. I feel like I should of bought a whole lot more and dived into the new seasons colours and textures, but I’m just not there yet. I can’t get over the cold. This top though caught my eye, I love the khaki ribbed sleeve along with a pattern full of colours, I picked out the nudey/pink colour with my heels and teamed them both with a pair of leather trousers. This top is actually a lot longer but I tucked it in for a more dressed up look. What have you guys been buying for your S/S wardrobe? xx





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My weekend in pictures…

I haven’t been home in 6 months, 6 MONTHS! I think that’s the longest I have ever left it but I have just been so busy and it’s scary how fast a month can roll into another. So, I spent this last weekend in Blackpool. Here is my weekend in pictures….










My flight was very early Saturday morning and I knew I had an action packed day once I arrived so I therefore wanted to look fashionable whilst also feeling comfortable for a lot of traveling. I went for all black as this colour never fails, I also knew it would look good with both jackets that I had packed, my khaki bomber for the rain and my camouflage faux fur for the dryer weather. I am wearing a black roll neck, this top is actually sleeveless, not appropriate for this weather but I couldn’t leave the shop without it, so until I can get my arms out I threw on a basic stretch top and wore it underneath. This skirt is a few years old but I thought I’d get another wear out of it. I’m afraid it’s too cold to bare all with just over the knee boots so I put on a pair of black opaque tights. I finally got my hands on the black version of the Stella bag as when I landed I popped into the beautiful Noosa Boutique to collect it.

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Fur coat//Jovonna London
Roll neck//New Look
Boots//Fashion Union
Stella bag//Noosa Boutique








Saturday evening I met up with my best friend and our partners for a lovely meal and a few prosecco’s at a restaurant I had heard so much about, in true form and two bottles of prosecco later we ended up in Revoloution night club. As always, I had a super night catching up with my bestie. I decided to wear a fine knit, cream roll neck with a camel coloured pencil skirt. This skirt is like a thick jersey material, it so so comfy, I really like the cream and black stripe down the side and as I had picked out the cream by wearing a cream roll neck I decided to pick out the black in the stripe by wearing black pointed heels. I love these shoes. I know they are nothing special but these are defiantly the shoe Id go to for comfort whilst still staying on trend. The clutch I used is a little larger than I thought it would be. My parents ordered it online from Zara for me and when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised with the size for the money. I think it was only £20, bargain! But, on the other hand it just wasn’t what I was expecting and I hadn’t packed another clutch to use, so I had to take everything but the kitchen sink out with me to slightly fill it. I must apologise for the back drop to these pictures. The light had vanished and indoors just had to do.

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Roll neck//Bershka sale
Skirt//Last season Zara







My last morning in Blackpool was in fact my dads birthday. I took him out for birthday breakfast before we took to the motorway to Liverpool airport. The return trip for me is always the most casual, I don’t know why, I think it’s because iv always had such a busy few days that the day I go home I just want to be comfortable. For this, I wore a grey,cream and black sweatshirt. This jumper actually had a necklace attached but I took it off. I teamed it a pair of black skinny jeans and my grey new balance trainers. I had worn my faux fur coat all weekend and found that I’m constantly being careful as to not dirty it, therefore I wore my khaki bomber so that I could relax. We had a little time before having to hit the road so these pictures are taken on top of a very windy car park so please excuse the hair!

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Jumper//Last season Zara
Jeans//Zara sale
Trainers//New Balance

I know this post is quite lengthy but I wanted to take you all with me on my weekend away…I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Burgundy roll neck…




I’m a little sad in the way I look at my wardrobes and feel sorry for all the items that don’t get worn as often as they should. I bought this coat at the start of the winter, I think I have blogged it before, but I’m sure that was a long time ago and I feel it needed a little bit more love. This winter has been so so cold so all I have been wearing is my puffer coat. (I don’t think I would had survived this winter without it)




I teamed this Mango tweed coat with my oversized burgundy roll neck jumper as the lapels on the coat are burgundy. I still love this roll neck as much as I did when I bought it. Cosy, oversized and a huge roll neck. The three things I’m loving at the moment. I wanted to keep the look casual so I wore my grey New Balance trainers. Keeping with the grey trend I wore my ribbed knee skinnies and my new bag. Im desperate for this bag in black so keep you eyes peeled for it on upcoming posts.






Meet Stella…


Shades of grey and cream…again. I feel like I’m always in this colour palette but I think that’s because I’m so so desperate to wear my faux fur coat again, I get dressed, look out of the window, and realise it’s raining, or is about to rain 😦



I bought these grey skinnies in the Zara sale for €20. I’m not sure if you can tell from the photo but there not denim, or leggings, more of a soft sued’ey material. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but they are super comfy and super skinny and that was just what I was looking for. Today I teamed them with a big cream roll neck, I haven’t worn this jumper a whole lot because the neck is so high and gets covered in make up but I do love the side detailing of pockets and zips. I find there just an added statement to your average cream jumper.



As its still so cold I threw on my trusty camel coat. Before deciding that this is the coat id wear I tried on black but it just dulled the whole outfit. I then teamed this look with my grey shoe boots and my new favourite bag… If you don’t follow me on Instagram and this is your first time seeing it, meet Stella.


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Roll neck//Zara
Bag//Noosa Boutique

A fashion filled closet…

Hi everybody. Welcome to a fashion filled closet! A new name and a new layout but still the same me. When I originally started blogging I did it in such a rush that I didn’t really think about my blog name nor my website theme. For a long time Iv been thinking about giving my blog an overhaul but couldn’t think of the perfect name without it being similar to other bloggers. One night, A fashion filled closet, sprung to mind and I thought it was perfect for me. I then purchased my own url, changed my theme and now I’m delighted with it. Thank you to everybody that followed me through out my change. It really is much appreciated.


2015/01/img_2222.jpgSorry for the delay in between posts…again! Myself and my boyfriend (my photographer) are never around at the same time so finding an opportunity to take pictures is quite scars. I must apologise for the state of my hair on these photos, the gale force winds wanted a look in on this blog post.


2015/01/img_2224.jpgToday is my first day off in a while and I was dying to wear my faux fur camouflage coat again, but the weather told me otherwise. So instead I decided to team together a few items I received for Christmas. A fine knit navy roll neck, indigo coloured skinnies and all white Puma classics. To add a little colour whilst still trying to stay quite neutral I threw on my camel coloured coat. I hope you have had a nice weekend guys 🙂


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Roll neck//Zara

Black textures and nude heels…



2015/01/img_2125.jpgTonight is girls night! Myself and my friend decided it was about time we hit the dance floor and let our hair down. I’m still super afraid of bare’ing all in these frosty climates and tried to plan an outfit around a pair of trousers of some sort. When this failed, I decided to cover my arms instead and flash my legs. I am wearing a ribbed crop top from MissGuided and a pu leather pleated skirt from Zara. I love my nude heels but I always avoid wearing them as there a little high, tonight though I thought why not.



2015/01/img_2129.jpg I am currently in the pipe line of changing my blog name and website layout so please bare with me. I hope you will follow me to my new website and continue to read my posts. Thank you for your support 🙂



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Crop top//Missguided
Skirt//Now in the Zara sale.

Things I am loving…

I thought I would write a small post on items I am loving at the moment. I am, in no shape or form a beauty blogger, but I’m always curious to know what other girls like/or are using so whilst the weather is yukky and the outfit posts are limited I thought I’d give this a whirl.

Lush Bath Bombs

Iv never really used bath bombs before, I knew there was a big hype over Lush and their products, especially their bath bombs but the smell in the shop gives me a head ache so I often avoid it. How ever over Christmas when my family were visiting they popped in and picked me up a lovely pink ball of bath bomb’ness. I am now hooked!! Now, when I need a little me time, I pop into lush, pick up a bomb, return home and soak. I now understand the hype, not only do they turn your bath into a beautiful array of colour, smell absolutely amazing but they leave your skin so soft and moisturised.

Wood, Sage and Sea Salt

2015/01/img_2071.jpgFor Christmas I received my first Jo Malone perfume. When I read the name of the fragrance I automatically scrunched up my face, how wrong I was. I’m in love, I have since visited the Jo Malone stand and picked out a few other fragrance’s and wrote them firmly on my ‘I want’ list.

Laura Mercier Foundation

2015/01/img_2072.jpgI watch/read beauty bloggers all the time, I always like to know what products they like to use ect. I have purchased a few foundations over the years and have never been 100% happy, wether it’s the shade, consistency or the coverage. For a long while I have mixed two mac foundations together, one being the studio sculpt in shade nw30 and the other being pro long wear in shade nw25. I have found that these two mixed together make for the perfect shade and consistency. This being said, I am always on the look out for the ‘perfect one’ this Christmas I got the Laura Mercier foundation in shade hazelnut beige, I love the shade…but it is quite thick. I think that I will save this for evenings and nights out when I have a little more time to get ready. What foundation does everybody else use?!

Fast Play and Twig

2015/01/img_2075.jpgUnfortunately the ‘Kylie Jenner’ lip just doesn’t work for me. I really wish it did, so I could follow suit, but it doesn’t. My lips are naturally quite dark so wearing such a nude tone looks like I have caked my lips in foundation. I have found two Mac lipsticks that are the perfect ‘nude’ for me. They are far from nude for fair skinned girls but they are the perfect match for me, they leave my lips looking fuller and more defined. I use either ‘Twig’ or ‘Fast Play’ by Mac, outlined with an Essence lip liner.

Collection Lip Butter

2015/01/img_2078.jpgI must admit I’m a sucker for Mac lipsticks, when ever I feel I deserve a treat it’s normally a trip to Mac to pick out a lipstick. I have so many now though and Mac hardly ever bring out anything new, so what happens when you have them all? Recently I noticed a fabulous colour on a girl I work with, she showed me what she was wearing and I was so shocked, it was by a brand called Collection, they sell this brand in most boots. This particular product was there lip butter, it’s almost like a crayon. Another friend bought it for me and I can not get over the quality. If it wasn’t for her wearing it I wouldn’t of looked twice. I very rarely shop in boots for make up. This crayon is so pigmented, the colour lasts ages, even after food, drink and non stop talking. It’s also so moisturising, I find a few of my Mac lipsticks quite drying and I would only ever apply them over a lip balm. This however, glided on and didn’t need any form of balm before or after use. I’m so impressed and I’m now curios to find other hidden gems lurking in the world of drug store products.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protection

2015/01/img_2079.jpgFollowing on with lip products I suffer with really dry lips. Being an air hostess and working in such dry conditions doesn’t help, therefore your average Blistex or Carmex just don’t cut it for me. We sell this Elizabeth Arden product onboard and I was put off for a while as it was in a tin, I’m not really a fan of using my fingers to apply products. I gave in and I have never looked back, at first it feels slightly greasy, almost like Vaseline, although unlike Vaseline this product soaks in rather than sits on your lips. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it lasts 8 hours but it’s still pretty dam good. I have since found it in a lipstick tube. Perfect for application.

New Balance and Puma

2015/01/img_2080.jpgMoving away from beauty products, I recently purchased a pair of New Balance trainers and received a pair of all white Puma classics. I wouldn’t say I was a huge fan of trainers, I mean I own a few pairs of converse and a few pairs of slip on sneaks but sporty looking trainers not so much. I was getting tired of wearing winter boots and just felt I needed an alternative to casual’ise my outfits. I bought the grey New Balance as I thought this colour was more neutral and not so in your face as some of the other pairs. I have worn them so much that I wouldn’t mind a more daring colour now. My white Puma Classics I received for Christmas, they are perfect. I love the all white look, there so simple but there is just something about them that makes them stand out. These two pairs of trainers, in turn, haven’t left the soles of my feet. I actually feel a small bit sorry for everything else sat in my shoe cupboard waiting to be worn.

Jovonna London


2015/01/img_2081.jpgI literally fell in love at first sight. I have blogged this coat in my most recent post, (read here) The colours, the quality, the size…everything. I’m in love. I just wish it would stop raining now so I would wear it again.

Puffer Jacket


2015/01/img_2083.jpgIv said this before and I’ll say it again. I know this coat is far from glamorous, I umed and ahhed about buying one of these coats for the four years I have been living in Cork. They come out winter after winter and every other woman is wearing one. This year when I took my career break I finally bought one and well, now I know why everyone has one. It is THE warmest coat I have ever worn and trust me the weather isn’t getting any warmer any time soon here. I have worn it every single day since the day I purchased it so I’m very happy that my money was well spent!

Power Bank

2015/01/img_2087.jpg I received this as a gift for Christmas. It truly is a god send. With blogging on the go, taking snaps and browsing social media my battery dwindles rapidly. This is a power bank that you charge like a phone, it holds its charge and when your phone battery starts to die you plug it into the bank. It’s so handy. I love that it’s far from bulky so having it in your handbag isn’t a problem. I’m not a gadget person but this is one I won’t be living without.

The coat to end all other coats…



Firstly, happy new year guys!! I hope your first three days of the year have been super! I have had the best Christmas and new year, I have had so much time off work and spent every minute with the people I love and eating yummy food!



Secondly, how AMAZING is this coat, I know I have wardrobes full of clothes, coats and a room full of shoes but, I’m finally in love!! I have never seen anything more beautiful. I first saw it when Jovonna London regrammed a picture of another blogger wearing it. I wrote to Jovonna London asking how the hell I lay my hands on one. They wrote back informing me that they are all sold out but that they would make me one. I have never been more excited, having a coat…made for me!! Along with lots of other goodies my boyfriend paid for this to happen. It finally arrived shortly after Christmas and I couldn’t wait for the rain to stop so I could take it for a spin. I’m already planning outfits around this baby! Today I teamed it with my new puma trainers, my grey ribbed knee jeans that Owen also bought me for Christmas (now in the sale) a black,grey and nude zip up top (also in the sale) and as the weather is still freezing I threw on a basic grey roll neck top. Do you guys love it as much as me?



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Coat//Check out ‘Jovonna London’ on Instagram
Zip top//Zara
Roll neck//Penneys/Primark
Jeans//Zara:Sold out online but check out your nearest store.
Trainers//Schuh oh my goodness, linking my trainers-they have gone into the sale too!! Owen will not be a happy bunny ha!!

New bag, New Pumas, New jeans…



I hope you have all had the best of Christmas’s, have gotten spoilt rotten and have stuffed your faces until your jeans no longer fit. I know I did.

I know these pictures arnt great and the outfit isn’t wow either, but I just wanted to do a quick post on a few items I received over the festive period. I had been wanting a pair of trainers for so long, I’m really into suit trousers at the moment and I wanted some sort of trainer to make the look a little more casual. I had already bought myself the grey new balance trainers so when I opened these all white Puma classics on Christmas Day I was delighted.
My jeans and bag are from Zara. It’s so hard to find nice plain indigo coloured jeans, mine have stretched like you wouldn’t believe so I was happy to have gotten these. (They are now in the sale) and my bag, well everybody needs a new bag at Christmas! The pictures don’t really do it justice, it’s black leather with kind of a khaki suede…



I was so spoilt by my loved ones. I finally got a selfie stick! My siblings know me only to well and bought me a years subscription to Vogue!! I got vouchers upon vouchers, more denim, earrings, a lovely 2015 diary and lots of other bits. I have one more present off my boyfriend that I am yet to receive as ‘it’s being made’ I love it when Christmas lasts nearly a week rather than a day… What did you guys get?…






Oo and I almost forgot, I got my first Jo Malone Fragrance, I have now defiantly joined the bandwagon and I cannot wait to add to my collection, they have so many scents to choose from!! and a Laura Mercier foundation, and Iv fallen hook line and sinker for them both 😍

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It’s Christmas Eve!…



Sorry it’s been a while guys, instead of moaning about what has been keeping me from blogging, I’m just going to say…IM BACK!!!
Today, it’s Christmas Eve and my family are in Cork! They are here from England to spend Christmas with me and my boyfriend. It’s very rare that we are all in one room at the same time as my dad and his wife are in Blackpool, Sophie is in Leeds and James is in Liverpool. Sadly my nephew, my brother and his girlfriend couldn’t join us but we’re sending them lots of hugs and kisses.



We have been ice skating this morning and now we’re back home preparing a buffet tea. I recently bought myself some new balance trainers and I can’t get enough of them. I decided to get them in grey as I thought they would be more versatile. Today I teamed them with a pair of grey suit trousers that I rolled up at the end and my cream side split jumper. I haven’t worn my fluffy cream coat a lot so while the rain was at bay today I decided to get it out.



I hope everybody has a super Christmas with your families or in the super hot country’s your traveling. Have fun!!

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New Look
Trainers//New Balance